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Client gifts can be given for many reasons, ie. for Christmas, birthdays, or in gratitude. It is important that client gifts are appropriate in value to the occasion so as not to imply obligation.


Objective: To thank Ad-pro's customers for their patronage over the year while advertising the launch of our website. As always we needed to demonstrate creativity.

Strategy: On a quality mock neck long sleeved t-shirt we screen printed an authentic Haida design signed by world famous artist Robert Davidson. This transformed the long sleeved t-shirt into a work of art. We subtly branded the shirt by imprinting www.adprodirect.com upside down on the bottom hem of the shirt - to be seen only by the person wearing the shirt before tucking it in. A letter expressing Ad-Pro's Holiday Wish for our customers by telling the spirit story behind the art, was wrapped into the shirt and packaged in a holiday gift bag.

Result: Ad-Pro received rave reviews on this gift. Clients felt that they had been given something very unique and special. They appreciated the beauty of the artwork and the subtleness of the branding. Now two years later, one of recipients was seen wearing the shirt.

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